We believe that every student should feel included in the Kingdom of God. We aim to introduce them to Jesus Christ, our Savior, through God’s teachings. We offer a range of activities such as praise and worship, praise dancing, and fellowship events to help students have a full encounter with Jesus Christ. Our midweek service takes place every Thursday at 6:30 pm and is open to students aged 3 and above. Each class is specifically designed to help them learn more about God, Jesus and build friendships with other kids. On Sundays, we have worship service that allows children to participate in Sunday School. We always strive to create a loving, peaceful, and joyful atmosphere at the Table.

Youth Ministry Volunteers

Pastor Michelle Washington (Youth Director)
Pastor Brigitte Smith (Youth Pastor)
Minister Freddy Medley (Teacher)
Minister Michelle Medley (Teacher)

Youth Teams

Youth Voices of Praise (YVOP)
Youth Praise Dancers
Junior Usher Team
Media Sound Booth

Meals Served after Church Service on Sundays

Meals are offered after Sunday Church for all that attend. 

Transportation Available

Transportation is available for students and families at no charge in our Church van.