Co-Founder / as a Lead Pastor of the Table of Life Ministries where my vision to love on the people of God and to build a strong-worded bible-based ministry. I was born and raised in Charleston MS.  I was licensed in April 1999 and ordained in July 2000, I became an Associate Minister of St. John M.B. Church, and was the president of Seeking Souls Prison Ministry for eight years, I got involve in a Hospital Ministry, and was active in the community. I graduated from Mississippi Valley State University, in 2004, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree, I received a Bachelor of Theology Degree, from Beacon University, in October; 2007,  I moved to Springfield, that same year, the hardest part about the move was leaving my two adult children and grandchildren, afterward getting settle, I became a member of Pilgrim Rest M.B.Church also joined up with Bessie Austin Missionary Ministry. I met and married Pastor Paul, in 2010, and at that time I was leading a home bible study, a few months later, we decided to start the Ministry and called it, the Table of Life Ministries, after my old Pastor, Pastor Garvin Church in Charleston, we open the doors on Oct. 31, 2010, what the world call Halloween, we chose to call it Hallelujah Festival, which we been celebrating every year. Moving forward we’re looking to advance the Ministry according to the will of God.